Jonathan Verrecchia – Resume (PDF)

Full-stack JavaScript / TS developer, author, speaker. Reach me at .

Feel free to take a look at the rest of my current favorite stack.

Work Experience

Full-Stack Consulting for Inspire
Remote  •  Since 05/2021

Inspire is a government-funded non-profit organization of career counseling. I am developing the upcoming new version of Inspire's website using React, Next.js, TypeScript, React Query, GraphQL, Nexus, Chakra UI, and MongoDB.

Full-Stack Consulting for Alcopa Auction
Remote  •  Since 01/2016

I have been developing full-stack apps for Alcopa Auction, a French car auctions company. It includes a set of apps for internet users participate in real-time in physical sales streamed from auction rooms. Some of the technologies used are React, Redux, Material UI, Storybook, Apollo, GraphQL, Websockets, and Heroku.

Front-End Engineer at Yelp
San Francisco & Remote  •  02/2012 to 03/2015

In a small team of about 4 Front-End Engineers, I developed features and components for Yelp's site and mobile web app, to serve fast pages to more than 90 million unique visitors per month; with a strong focus on creating a robust and sustainable CSS codebase. I was involved in developer relations and recruiting, and brought SFHTML5 to Yelp. We worked with SASS, OOCSS, a UI styleguide, JavaScript, and Python.

Web Developer Intern at SFEIR
Paris  •  02/2011 to 08-2011

I developed HTML5, GWT, Google App Engine, and Android apps at the Innovation Department of SFEIR. We won a French Google Chrome HTML5 app contest with one of the first web-based music player for Chrome.

Full-Stack Developer at GIMNY
Paris  •  02/2009 to 09-2010

During my studies, I co-founded, developed, and launched a series of entertainment social networks, built on a PHP stack with Zend Framework and jQuery.

Cool Stack

Cool Stack is a documented full-featured architecture for a full-stack app using state-of-the-art tools and libraries.

City Filter

I created City Filter, a website built in TypeScript, React, and Gatsby, that aggregates data about countries, cities, and districts around the world to find the best places to live. It uses 40,000 data points stored in Airtable that are processed and bundled as 77kb of optimized client-side data and requires zero server calls to use.

Sharyn JS

Sharyn is a library of JavaScript utility packages I wrote to reduce boilerplate.

JavaScript Stack from Scratch

JavaScript Stack from Scratch is my most significant open source contribution. It's a tutorial about setting up a modern JavaScript and React stack with all its related tools like Redux, Webpack, ESLint, Flow, or Jest. It had a great impact on the JS community, with more than 18.000 stars on Github.


Initializr is my contribution to make the web better by accelerating the creation of new HTML5 projects. It was the official custom build tool of HTML5 Boilerplate. Initializr receives a traffic of 42.000 visitors per month, generating 15.000 downloads, has more than 7000 Twitter followers, and a total of 2500 Github stars.

Author of a book about HTML5

I co-wrote a book about HTML5 which covers a wide range of features, such as: semantics, microdata, audio and video, canvas, web sockets, offline apps, etc. The foreword is by Paul Irish, from the Google Chrome team. I also wrote a guest chapter in another book about HTML5, and an article in Web Design Magazine.

Blogging and social media audience

It comes naturally to me to explain technical topics clearly. My blog about front-end development,, receives about 20.000 visitors per month. I have also built a wide audience of web developers on social media with more than 8000 Twitter followers. This audience can be reached with front-end content.

Public speaking

I gave talks at SFHTML5, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Google Developer Group in Paris, Paris Web Components, Sfeir'Plays, Best of Web 2017, JS Star, and several internal presentations at Yelp and Sfeir. My most popular presentation, about CSS preprocessors, reached about 30.000 YouTube views.

Education and Languages

I have a Master in Computer Science from EPITA, where I learned programming, data structures, algorithms, UNIX, web and mobile development, and much more (mostly coded in C, Java, and PHP). I was a student representative, won an Android contest with the University College of Dublin, and organized the Open Source Day 2010.

I speak and write French natively, English fluently, and Spanish decently.