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Hi there, my name is Jonathan. I'm a French software engineer, author and speaker, and music producer. I don't like to brag, but most would consider that I have a pretty successful career. I get things done. But most importantly, I am a very happy, fulfilled, and confident person. And that's what I want you to be as well.

To put things simply, I want to make you happier, for free. I actually don't have anything to sell and I'm not planning on earning money with mentoring. I am doing this because it would make me happy to make you happier. That's it. How am I going to do that? We're going to talk, via video calls or chat. We'll talk about the things that make your life hard, and are holding you back from reaching your goals.

Maybe you are stressed by your work, maybe you have an idea for a project, but are scared of failing, maybe you are feeling a bit lost in general, or having some sort of mid-life crisis. I want to clear your mind from uncertainty and the anxieties you might have. I can help you with issues related to work, projects, entrepreneurship, confidence, discipline, productivity, lifestyle and life in general. I cannot help you with personal issues such as relationships or family though.

I can also guide you with learning how to code, but for this topic I will prioritize:

2 spots left (free)

👉 If you are interested, please email me at xxxxxxxxx to tell me about you and what's going on in your life. 👈

🇻🇳 Tia: I'm so grateful for this mentorship experience as Jonathan's dedication has exceeded my expectation in every way. He has spent lots of time explaining tough programming concepts to me with great examples and even real-life application. React and Redux are less intimidating thanks to him. Also, he provided me with insights into the tech industry and valuable advice about how to improve my resume, portfolio, and how to start freelancing. More importantly, thanks to his support, I now have the confidence to apply for developers jobs and successfully landed one. Therefore, I'd love to introduce Jonathan to all code newbies. Read more about what we did.
🇮🇹 Rossana: Jonathan helped me immensely looking for my first job after university. He gave me great support in writing a resume, contacting companies, preparing for interviews, and most of all, he conveyed me the enthusiasm and confidence I needed in that time full of uncertainty. I wouldn't have got my amazing job if it weren't for him.
🇫🇷 Reda: Jonathan is really easy-going and the kind of person we feel comfortable talking with (about anything), he doesn't judge and keeps his mind open. He shared with me some of his life-management and productivity tips and they helped me structure my own thinking and therefore my business. I often asked for his insights on different topics (business and life related) and even though he isn't omniscient, he managed to take a step back and provide me with interesting and helpful advice.
🇬🇧 Jerome: Jonathan is a trustworthy, strong-willed and compassionate person. He's helped me to catch some of my blindspots, offering me fresh perspective when I've needed it the most. You can really benefit from having someone like him on your side - especially if you're facing unfamiliar challenges in your life - because he'll hold you accountable to your goals while being a great listener.
🇹🇭 Pam: Jonathan helped me launch projects online and beat my fear of computers and technology. I never thought I would have a YouTube channel or a Facebook for my business, and that I would be comfortable using Photoshop and doing video editing myself. I am now more confident and have learned valuable skills.